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beyerdynamic meets Andi Pomato

World Tour: *°^In 80 Posts around the World^°*

#foxwashere: In 80 Posts around the World We see ourselves as a committed partner for artists worldwide. We have been supporting young musicians for decades. The belief in the power of music connects us with artists around the globe. Use our promotion code foxaroundtheworld10 to get a 10% discount on the following products: FOX, Creator 24, Creator PRO, DT 770…

beyerdynamic meets Andi Pomato

beyerdynamic meets *°^Andi Pomato^°*

beyerdynamic meets Andi Pomato Singer/Songwriter Andi Pomato and photographer/filmmaker Paula Lembo travel the world to share his music. Follow #foxwashere and #foxaroundtheworld to get the latest updates about their tour, the musicians they will meet and all the adventures they will experience. Always on their side: our USB Studio Microphone FOX. Interview with: Andi Pomato and Paula Maria Lembo A…