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#foxaroundtheworld: Europe Part 2

After meeting so many talented musicians in Italy, Andi and Paula headed towards Latvia, Scandinavia, Germany and Ireland. If you missed the artists they have met during their stops in these countries on Social Media (#foxwashere, #foxaroundtheworld), this is your chance, to get to know these unique talents.

Riga, Latvia: May 28

Time flies! It’s already the seventh FOX recording session. The journey continues with the local artist Ilze Rijniece from Riga. Her beautiful voice is accompanied perfectly by her keyboard. She performed and recorded her original song “Horizonts” with our FOX microphone. Check out the Video for more.

Andi and Paula also discovered the architecture in the northern European country, the colorful houses, the tiny café’s and everything right by the Nordic sea for new inspiration. 

Stockholm, Sweden: June 1

As their first stop in Sweden Andi and Paula visited Stockholm. Time for a FOX recording session with the Swedish artist Hakan Bergkvist. He performed his song “Innan den Sommarn Brann upp”. Check out the video below and enjoy the Swedish romance.

Gotheborg, Sweden: June 5

The charming city Gotheborg is the next stop for the ninth FOX recording session with the band Brighthood. They perform their English Song “Morningstars” in the streets of Gotheborg. Check out their fantastic sound in the video below.

Andi also recorded one of his new acoustic songs together with his good friend Yiyo. The two have been friends for more than 15 years – now they live far away from each other, but still every time they play together, it seems that time freezes when they meet again. These are the special moments of travelling, when you are meeting old friends from home and it feels like the years apart are just drifting away. 

foxaroundtheworld Gotehborg

Copenhagen, Denmark: June 12

In Copenhagen, the cultural hub of Denmark, Andi and Paula were searching for the local music scene. ​The two have discovered the artist Maru Jota who sang in spanish. 

While the city with around 500.000 inhabitants seems quite small, it is still full of cultural events: Small stages in the city’s dropout village Christinia, concert venues around the suburb of Norrebro or little café venues in the streets of the old town.

Berlin, Germany: June 14

In the German Capital Andi und Paula met beyerdynamic Fan Vivien. For the FOX recording session Vivian, who sings, was joined by Monrath, who accompanied her on the piano. The German song “Alles und mehr” they were performing and is dealing with unconditional love, when you are ready to give and take everything, not only the good things, but also the pain and suffering, and work on the relationship every day.

Dublin, Ireland: June 15

Everyone knows that Dublin is popular for its pubs and live music scene. In the 72 hours they stayed in town, Andi gave two gigs at a typical Irish pub and at a hotel. He also recorded with a very talented songwriter named @pajmahalia.

Like real tourists, they visited the Guinness warehouse and of course, they walked by the original Temple Bar, had a beer and enjoyed live music.

Andi and Paula overjoyed because they were invited by Argentinian people to a real Argentinian BBQ “asado” and Mate at the rooftop. They relish this little piece of home and jam together all night. A happy goodbye because it’s the last stop for both in Europe. The journey continues to Asia.

In the early morning, they headed to India – the first stop in a country with a beyerdynamic office. Stay tuned for the next musical adventures.

Tour-Highlights from Andi and Paula

beyerdynamic: The first part of the tour is already behind you. You have met many talented artists in different cities. What has been your highlight of the tour and have your expectations of this project been met so far?

Andi and Paula: Touring around Europe looking for songwriters was definitely an unforgettable experience. We travelled through so many different countries and cultures, always trying to find musicians who write their own music. I think one of the highlights was Bologna, Italy. We arrived in the city at 2 pm with no artists confirmed, so we decided to walk through the city and found Lorenzo Sbarbati who was busking at the main square after two hours. He is not only talented but also super friendly and charismatic. We shooted a video with him that evening in the same square and it was beautiful. The session in Berlin with Vivien was so funny too, we filmed at one of her friend’s house and the energy there was so incredible, there were many people hanging around, joking. We had an amazing time with every musician we met on the road. 

We can’t wait for next part of the tour. We are going to Asia now, and that’s very exciting. We’ve never been there so we are expecting to learn a lot about the different cultures, musicians and also about their food :). Stay in touch, we will be sharing everything with you!

You are curious about this tour and you would like to get more insides? Then have a look at our special categorie „IN 80 POSTS AROUND THE WORLD“ in our beyerdynamic Blog.

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