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Auf ihrem YouTube-Kanal dreht sich bei Kristina Rybalchenko alles um Schlagzeug-Cover. Mittlerweile hat die aus Russland stammende Berufsmusikerin über 425.000 Abonnent:innen auf YouTube. Nicht weniger erfolgreich ist sie auf weiteren Social Media Kanälen, wie TikTok und Instagram. Wir haben Kristina Rybalchenko für euch interviewt.

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Kristina Rybalchenko Interview beyerdynamic

In the interview: Kristina Rybalchenko

The successful YouTuber gives us an insight into her work and shares some advice for upcoming drummers.

Studio or Stage?

Kristina: Stage

Headphones or Loudspeakers?

Kristina: Headphones

Coffee or Tea?

Kristina: Coffee

Village or City?

Kristina: City

beyerdynamic: How did you get into drumming and how long have you been playing drums?

Kristina: My parents taught me to love music. They were always into music, we were visiting a lot of rock and metall shows since I was a kid. When I was 13 I entered music school to learn playing xylophone. After the graduation I started playing drums, I’m into it for 5 years now. That’s how I became first musician in my family.

beyerdynamic: While many young musicians currently produce or cover pop music, hip-hop or EDM, you cover songs from the rock and metal genres. Where does your preference for „harder“ music come from?

Kristina: As I’ve mentioned before, my parents are hard rock music fans. Since I was a kid Metallica, Motorhead or Limp Bizkit were playing in my dad’s car, I even have a family videotape with me 2 years old headbanging to Master of Puppets, so my parents are the ones to blame, haha.

beyerdynamic: Besides being a successful YouTube drummer, do you also tour with bands in Russia? What does your musical everyday life usually look like?

Kristina: For now I am fully focused on my video content, it takes almost all my time. Every day I come to my studio to learn new songs, shooting videos or teaching my students. But I am always open for offers to play live.

beyerdynamic: Who are your musical idols?

Kristina: There are lots of talanted drummers who inspire me, but I feel 3 guys who influenced me the most:

  • Nic Pettersen from Northlane – I love the way he expresses the play, the way he moves and feels himself at the drumset, his energy feels realy close to mine.
  • Troy Wright is a crazy guy, I learned a lot from him since the times he was playing with Plini.
  • And of course Tanner Wayne from In Flames – his technique is enchanting.

beyerdynamic: What are your musical goals and what can your followers expect from you in the near future?

Kristina: I don’t actually set any big goals, mostly I just do what I love and work on improvment myself as a musician and an artist. I’m sure that I’ll once become a part of some music band and my followers will see me in a different way, but I’m not setting it as a goal though.

beyerdynamic: You have built a worldwide reach with your covers. How did you get into recording drum covers?

Kristina: As far as I remember I’ve been watching Matt McGuires covers and thought: „Hey, maybe I should try to shoot a cover too“. I did it just for fun at first, but then I really got into it.

beyerdynamic: How can one imagine the song selection and production of your covers. Do you do everything yourself (music, filming, video editing, etc.)?

Kristina: I have a notebook where I write down all the songs I’d like to cover. When the time comes to make a new video – I select one of those, then it takes some time to work on the drumpart to make it my way, and then I record it and shoot the video. After that I send the audio to my sound manager, and while he mixes it I make all the work with the video part on my own. 

There are three guys in my team:

  • Roman Kharyukov is my sound manager, he mixes all my covers.
  • Tony Cappocchi is my agent, he is in charge for my sponsorship integrations.
  • Konstantin Maliuchkov is my designer, he’s making my merch and other visual stuff.

beyerdynamic: For the drummers among our readers who want to get started with drum covers themselves. In your opinion, what are the most important tips that you would give to beginners?

Kristina: I think that in any activity, no matter what exactly you do, you have to work hard and be patient, because it takes lots of efforts and time to succeed. If we speak about making content, like drum covers, regularity of posting means a lot. I plan my covers for a month forward, so I always have some content that is ready to post in stock, just in case.

„I think that in any activity, no matter what exactly you do, you have to work hard and be patient, because it takes lots of efforts and time to succeed.“

beyerdynamic: You’ve been using our microphones since the beginning of the year. What do you appreciate most about them?

Kristina: I’m really impressed with the quality of my sound with beyerdynamic microphones! Here is what my sound producer says about it:

„For close miking snare and toms, I’ve often preferred condenser microphones instead of the dynamic ones for their clear, crisp sound and much more pleasing bleed from the cymbals.
Previously it was possible and practical only in big-studio scenarios, but with beyerdynamic TG D57/TG D58 we’re not compromising the sound quality in any situation and the whole setup is so quick and easy (which can be very important when the whole drum-recording process is a one-man operation).“

What I personally enjoy the most about my mics is clamps – it holds strong and sets up easily , it saves me a lot of time to prepare for recording now. And it looks good on video


beyerdynamic: How would you describe beyerdynamic in 3 words?

Kristina: Quality, comfortable, good-looking.

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