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#foxaroundtheworld: India

Music connects the world! So far, Andi and Paula (@andipomato and @paulamarialembo) have met many great and unique artists in Europe. But it was time for a new adventure: The two travelled to Asia! To be exact, their first stop was colorful India. “In 80 posts around the world” has given Paula and Andi the opportunity of singing and recording with musicians they never would have met otherwise. Also, the two have already soaked in different city vibes. Our beyerdynamic team in India provided them with advice and assistance.

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Fox, Mikrofon, #foxaroundtheworld, Indien
#foxaroundtheworld, Fox, Mikrofon

Mumbai, India: June 17 – 21

On June 17th, Andi and Paula arrived in Mumbai. Seeing the culture in India with all the temples and diverse religions was truly inspiring. The atmosphere opened up a new world to Andi and Paula.

But there was no time for the talented musicians to rest in Mumbai. On their first day, Andi performed with amazing artists at @mumbaimusicinstitute after he gave a workshop for Indian songwriters and independent musicians. Also, every participant was encouraged to try out our FOX USB microphone.

On Mumbai Music Institute’s stage Andi performed his songs with the beyerdynamic vocal microphone TG V70.

Next to FOX, a vocal microphone from our Touring Gear Series should be part of every artist’s travel bag.

Together with all the workshop participants in India, he recorded his song “Around the world” at the Mumbai Music Institute. That song characterizes that journey as no other and emphasizes very well on what this tour is all about: connecting people around the world through the positive power of music.

#foxaroundtheworld, FOX, Mikrofon

On their second day in India, Andi took part in the “Super Singers” competition hosted and presented by ENZY Studios. This singing competition was the very first ever held in a music studio in India. Together with Raqeeb Alam and @musical_swaroop, Andi had the honor of judging the performing artists and determining the winner.

The two jury members next to Andi were well-known in India:

Raqeeb Alam is a renowned background singer and lyricist, having worked in the music industry for the past three decades. He wrote songs like “Ringa Ringa” for the Oscar winning movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

And Swaroop Khan is a very famous singer in the Bollywood music industry. He has worked on widely known tracks like “Ghoomar” from the movie Padmaavat, “Tharki Chokro” from the movie PK and many more. Additionally, he also participated in INDIAN IDOL.

All of them made this event a success.

Delhi, India: June 21 – 25

Our FOX made its way to the Taj Mahal! Did you know that the Taj Mahal is a UNESCO world cultural heritage and a popular destination for newly married couples?

Paula took adavantage of the nice weather to capture their unique experiences with her camera. Her beautiful pictures and videos brought the journey to live for the followers of “In 80 posts around the world”.

What fascinates her about travelling is to get constant inspiration to create. Paula’s equipment included our beyerdynamic FOX, our beyerdynamic camera mic, a Canon camera and a DJI Ronin-S gimbal. If you missed the opportunity of meeting Andi and Paula during their stops in Europe, you can follow and experience their complete journey on Social Media (#foxwashere, #foxaroundtheworld)!

Paula, Delhi, Fox, Mikrofon
Paula, Lagoon

Check out the video below and enjoy the song “Around the world” from Andi:

You are curious about this tour and you would like to get more insides? Have a look at the second part of the tour in Asia: “#foxaroundtheworld: A little bit more of Asia” in the beyerdynamic Blog.

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