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#foxaroundtheworld: A little bit more of Asia

After meeting so many talented musicians in India, Andi and Paula headed towards Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. If you missed the artists they have met during their stops in these countries on Social Media (#foxwashere, #foxaroundtheworld), this is your chance, to get to know the unique talents.

Bangkok, Thailand: June 25

What could be better than travelling and discovering the most exciting corners of the world? Besides the beautiful country India, Paula and Andi travelled to several other hotspots of Asia. They arrived on June 25th in Bangkok and enjoyed the unique energy of the megacity. Paula and Andi visited The Wat Arun, also known as “The temple of the dawn”. The majestically temple fascinated both travellers deeply. With this amazing impression they got back to the city via boat and train for a gig at the famous ALOFT Hotel.

Andi Pomato in Bangkok

Singapore: June 29

In Singapore Paula and Andi enjoyed the magical lights around the Helix Bridge by night and fell in love with the city at the Singapore Flyer. 

They also visited the beyerdynamic team and had a great time there. At the Jewel Changi Airport Paula and Andi enjoyed some quiet hours with the new Lagoon ANC Explorer. Two adjustable intensity levels block out disturbing ambient noise and gave them the possibility to relax before they headed to Seoul.

Lagoon ANC Explorer

Seoul, South Korea: July 3

Seoul is known for great opportunities for musicians and artists. The capital of South Korea connects people like no other city. The streets are full of students and young people, street performances are common, and Andi took part in some live events at the streets. With some help of the beyerdynamic team, Andi performed with the local artists Paxchild and Mail Yujin in the popular suburb Hongdae. The spirit of Seoul fulfilled the travellers and gave them a feeling of arriving home. Leaving this young city was very hard for Paula and Andi.

Tokyo, Japan: July 6

Arriving at Tokyo was a dream come true for Andi. Walking these streets felt to him like being in a movie. He could not believe being finally there. With Paula he visited some of the thousand little restaurants around the city and were impressed by the big crowd of people, metro stations, taxis and temples. One of the favourite places was the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and the busiest intersection of the world: the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Andi founds there a quiet corner at the Starbucks to record some lyrics with the beyerdynamic FOX while getting inspired by the busy crowd outside.

beyerdynamic FOX in Tokyo
Andi Pomato in Tokyo

Whoever is travelling in a city at the same time as the artists can meet Andi and Paula and become part of their world trip. On the beyerdynamic Instagram Account as well as under #foxwashere you can follow the journey of the artists live and get in touch with them.

You want to get to know more about their trip in Asia? Have a look at #foxaroundtheworld: India

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