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#foxaroundtheworld: America

After meeting so many interesting people in Asia, Andi and Paula headed towards Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City and Bogotá. If you missed the artists they have met during their stops in these places on Social Media (#foxwashere#foxaroundtheworld), this is your chance, to get to know these unique talents.

Los Angeles, California: July 10

Andi and Paula have made it from Tokyo to Los Angeles and for the first time on their tour, they badly suffered from jetlag. They left Japan at 5 PM on July 10th, flight duration 10 hours, and they arrived in Los Angeles at 11 AM on the same day. 

They felt like being lost in space and time. Finally, time to chill out a little in the beautiful sunset of Venice Beach before starting a session with Erik Griggs in the capital of music, dreams and beaches. The principle writer and co-producer of the song “No Air” with Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown was totally amazed by the Creator Pro Bundle and had a lot fun while recording.

Eric Griggs with beyerdynamic Fox and DT 770 Pro

Becoming something big is one of the things most people in Los Angeles dream about. Andi and Paula dreamed about the Hollywood Hills. So they took the chance and visited the famous place to overlook Los Angeles. Enjoying the breath-taking view with the Lagoon ANC Explorer gave them the possibility to gather strength for the travel to San Francisco.

San Francisco, California: July 10

From the 60s on, San Francisco is blessed with a rich musical history. And even today the city is filled with numerous venues and events for music lovers. One of those is artist Lisa Azzolino who recorded her emotional song “Shattering into Pieces” with FOX. While listening to her song you feel the pure love and soul Liza puts into her work. She expresses her feelings with guitar and powerful vocals that makes her an exceptional artist.

Furthermore Andi and Paula loved the spirit of the city and are now able to understand every single song about the beauty of San Francisco.

Mexico City, Mexico: July 14

The artists travelled from San Francisco to Mexico and Colombia. Their first stop in North America was Mexico City. The days in Mexico City were fully packed with events. Andi got the chance to perform and present the FOX on stage at the Music Club Store.

He recorded an acoustic session of his new Album in the studio of the Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center, arranged by his friend Icautli Cortés, a Mexican audio engineer, producer and follower of the “In 80 Posts around the World”-Tour.

Mexico surprised Andi and Paula in several ways. They travelled to the holy city of Teotihuacan and were enchanted by the geometric and symbolic principles of “the place where the gods were created”. Exploring the Aztec city full of ancient history and energy was one of the most spiritually experiences for Andi and Paula.

Bogotá, Columbia: July 19

In Bogotá Andi fascinated many young students at the “Escuela de Musica, medios, arte, technologia”. The musicians gave him the opportunity to sing his songs and tell the students about #followthefoxaroundtheworld.

beyerdynamic Andi Pomato EMMAT
Andi Pomato in Bogota

Whoever is travelling in a city at the same time as the artists can meet Andi and Paula and become part of their world trip. On the beyerdynamic Instagram Account as well as under #foxwashere you can follow the journey of the artists live and get in touch with them. Hurry up as his adventure is soon coming to an end!

You want to get to know more about their world tour? Have a look at In 80 Posts around the World.

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