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#foxaroundtheworld: Europe Part 1

Andi and Paula use the power of music to connect musicians all around the globe. On May 17th, they embarked on the adventure “In 80 posts around the world”. After kicking off the tour in London they were heading towards Italy where they had stops in Rome, Florence, Bologna and Udine. In each city they have met unique artists for creative music sessions.

In the following, we would like to share their encounters and those creative sessions with you. Be excited to get to know talented musicians from around the globe.

London, May 17

In London this project was kicked off with the first FOX recording session with Antonio Lulic – a local artist from London, who has already played worldwide as an opening act for Ed Sheeran. Currently he is on tour throughout the UK to promote his latestes EPs “Departures” and “Son”.

During our session with Andi and Paula he recorded his song “Hey It’s ok” with our Creator 24 bundle (FOS USB microphone & DT 240 PRO headphones).  Check out the video below and dive into his unique sound.

Rome, May 18

The first stop of the tour brought Andi and Paula to Italy’s capital, Rome. The aim was to dive into the Italian culture “la dolce vita”, discover the famous monuments like the Vatican or the Spanish stairs. 

In Rome they had the chance to meet local artist Laura Lala. Together with Andi and Paula we recorded Lauras song “Tempo for beyerdynamic” using our FOX microphone and the studio headphones DT 240 PRO. Check out the video for more.

Florence, May 21

The third FOX recording session took place in Florence, where we had the chance to meet Chiara White, a songwriter of alternative music.

Chiara has recently published her latest album “Biancoinascoltato” and has already won some awards for her music, like the “Glocal Sound – Musica d’autore in circuito 2018”.

In our session with Chiara, she played her song “Songheller” for us and even used glasses filled with water to create sound. Check out her unique sound in the video below.

Florence has a long artistic tradition which can be felt in every corner of it. We were very lucky that we had the chance for a second recoring session in this creative place. The band “Rose and the Oar” recorded their song “Moon River” with us. A video of this session will follow soon on our Youtube Channel.

Bologna, May 23

Bologna – the stop for our fifth recording session in Italy. Andi and Paula met local artist Lorenzo Sbarbati in the streets of Bologna where he played his song “Paris, Marseille, Anvers” with his guitar.

Apart from this creative encounter, Andi had the chance to play at the Apple store where he recorded his gig with FOX.

Udine, May 25

Udine was the final stop on their route through Italy. By meeting local artists, Andi and Paula had the chance to get to know Italian music styles, local cultures and traditions, and get to see secret locations most tourists usually don’t see.

In Udine, Andi played at the Sofar Sound Concert and at the same time he released his brand new single “Red Colour” from his album “Holidays”. The song was produced by Andi’s argentinian friend Fede, who has also recorded the electric guitar.

For our final recording session in Italy we were joined by singer-songwriter Alessio, playing  “Jesus Christ Syndrome” at his home in Udine. With our USB Studio Microphone FOX every place can be a recording studio! A video of this session will follow soon on our Youtube Channel.

Italy brought us unique moments and creative company with a bunch of very talented local artists! A clip with all recorded artsits in Italy is available at beyerdynamic IG TV. We are very happy to have the chance to get to know so many great talents.

After Italy, Andi and Paula were heading towards Scandinavia where we got to know further local musicians. If you have missed the encounters on Social Media, no worries, we will keep you updated with a recap of the tour in our Blog soon! Stay tuned!

You are curious about this tour and you would like to get more insides? Then have a look at our special categorie „IN 80 POSTS AROUND THE WORLD“ in the beyerdynamic Blog.

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