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#foxwashere: In 80 Posts around the World

We see ourselves as a committed partner for artists worldwide. We have been supporting young musicians for decades. The belief in the power of music connects us with artists around the globe.

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Singer/Songwriter: Andi Pomato

In 2018, beyerdynamic had the chance to meet and get to know Andi Pomato. The singer/songwriter with argentinian/italian roots is based in London and makes music for a living.

In 2018, beyerdynamic had the chance to meet and get to know Andi Pomato. The singer/songwriter with argentinian/italian roots is based in London and makes music for a living.

We invited him to Heilbronn, where he performed at our very own recording studio „Eugen’s Sound Acadamy“ (ESA). Watch him performe his song „What if“ in our studio.

Mobile Recording Studio

Andi has already released several albums and will now travel „In 80 posts around the World“. He wants to discover the world with his music. His mobile recording studio with our USB microphone FOX and the studio headphone DT 240 PRO will always be in his backpack.

Paula Maria Lembo, photographer and filmmaker, accompanies Andi with her camera and captures the magical moments when musical passion meets fascinated listeners. The beyerdynamic FOX makes sure that every fine sound and every nuance of the voice is preserved, no matter where they are.

You want to get more details about the artists? Check out this interview beyerdynamic meets Andi Pomato!

The #foxaroundtheworld Tour

After the tour kick-off with several stops in Europe, the journey continues with an Around the World Ticket to the first stop: the beyerdynamic subsidiary in India. Andi and Paula expect one of the most exciting music and film industries in the world – through the streets of Bollywood in Mumbai to the landmarks of the country near Delhi. Via Bangkok, the journey continues to Singapore, beyerdynamic’s distribution location for the whole of Southeast Asia. The artists will experience the crazy metropolises of Seoul and Tokyo before they change continents and follow in the footsteps of the great stars of the Walk of Fame on the west coast of America. The beyerdynamic team in Americas enables the journey to the music capitals of Latin America in Mexico City and Bogotá. Andi and Paula then return to Europe, where, after a tour through the artistic strongholds of Southern Europe, they enjoy the festival summer in Dubrovnik and Budapest. The last and final stop of the world tour will be on 10th of August in London.

Around the World

Los Angeles


Be part of the Tour

We will regularly report about Andis and Paulas adventures in the beyerdynamic blog. Be curious what they will tell us about their encounters with local artists and different cultures.

Whoever is travelling in a city at the same time as the artists can meet Andi and Paula and become part of their world trip. On the beyerdynamic Instagram Account as well as under #foxwashere you can follow the journey of the artists live and get in touch with them.

You want to get to know the two artists a bit more? Get to know Andi and Paula in our short interview „beyerdynamic meets Andi Pomato“

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