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beyerdynamic meets Paula Maria Lembo

A couple of weeks ago, Andi Pomato and Paula Maria Lembo started their project „In 80 Posts around the world“. Until August 10th, 2019, they are traveling the world, meeting musicians and new cultures. Always on their side: our USB Studio Microphone FOX. 

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beyerdynamic meets Paula Maria Lembo

Interview with: Paula Maria Lembo

Paula tells us about her personal highlight of the tour, the meaning of this special project and about her sources of inspiration.


beyerdynamic: We have already gotten to know you a little bit when we interviewed Andi Pomato where you briefly introduced yourself. Since the start of your „In 80 posts around the world“ Tour, we have been following your adventures and encounters on Social Media. What has been your personal highlight of this tour so far?

Paula: Well.. So far, I think my personal highlight has been doing vlogging. I had never ever done it before and it’s very interesting how people interact with that type of content on social media. High quality image, new places, new people. People really like that type of real-everyday life content. They feel closer to you. I really like doing prettier things, but the feedback is not as high as when we upload vlogs I think. Reality, if I can say i t thay way, is 100% trendy. People want to see you talking, they want to hear what you have to say. 

beyerdynamic: What are your hopes and dreams for the remaining part of your tour? 

Paula: Hopes & dreams.. Mmm.. I think while doing this tour, we’re already living our dream: travelling places we never thought we could ever go to, meeting so many different, kind, new & interesting people. I am enjoying every moment. I can’t be happier for everything that’s going on these days.

beyerdynamic: What does our cooperation for this project mean to you?

Paula: Well first of all i wake up everyday thankful for being able to be part of this project. Sometimes I just can’t believe it. It’s a dream come true, but also a big challenge and responsability. We are travelling for a long time across the world and we spend very short time in each city, so I have to do my best to capture it and get amazing footage. I try to look for the essence of each city and have it reflected in my videos or pictures, and then I select what I feel best describes it and post it on my social media and Andi’s. I feel this project is encouraging me to grow artistically, professionally and mainly, learn so much about myself and my abilities. I think I’m discovering new things about me everyday.

beyerdynamic: You are a filmmaker and photographer – what inspires you in your daily work and what fascinates you about traveling, about music?

Paula: I find inspiration everyday walking around, looking up and carrying my camera with me all the time. I also check what other filmmakers and artists I admire post in social media, such as youtube, pinterest, vimeo, instagram. I think it’s very important to be surrounded by creative people, and constantly look for new ideas and inspiration on things I like, it keeps creativity going.

What fascinates me about travelling is the constant inspiration I get to create. When you see something that stands out of your daily landscape, you know that’s where you get creativity from and amazing things can come out of it.

Photography and video-making are art. So is Music, and I’ve always been close to it. My grandmother was a piano teacher and my partner is a full time musician-songwriter. What amazes me most about it, is how different are the influences each artist has to write their own music, and the way they create it. The place where they grew up, families, the music they listen to, their age, friends, the city they are living, and so much more. And i feel that is so much reflected in their music.

When you first listen to them playing, and then have a chat with them, everything you felt about that music previously, you can feel it. It suddenly and totally makes sense every word, every chord, every tune of their music. 

beyerdynamic: You capture unique moments of the tour. What equipment do you use for your work?

Paula: My equipment consists of the beyerdynamic FOX, Canon 5d Mark Iv Camera, a 16-35mm 2.8 and 50mm 1.8 lens, beyerdynamic camera mic, dji ronin-s gimbal.

beyerdynamic: Thanks for your time! Enjoy the rest of this trip. We are looking forward to your upcoming adventures and stories you share with us. 

Check out their tour and where they are traveling to and learn more about Andi Pomato. That and much more can be found in our exclusive Blog Categorie: In 80 Posts around the World.

You can also follow Andi and Paula on their Social Media Channels to experience their adventures with them:

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