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#foxaroundtheworld: Final interview

Singer/Songwriter Andi Pomato and photographer/filmmaker Paula Lembo travelled the world to connect musicians all over the globe. During the trip they shared their creative sessions and exciting adventures within 80 posts. Find some of their stories in our Blog.

Interview with: Andi Pomato and Paula Lembo

Andi and Paula finished their fascinating trip around the world. Now we posed some questions that had to be asked.

beyerdynamic: You finished your adventure yesterday. How do you feel today?

Andi: I have the feeling that from now on I will be packing and unpacking my luggage every 4 days now. The feeling that it never stops. It also feels like it was a movie. I can’t believe we had all these experiences, something maybe that shows up on Netflix but not something that really happened to us. We will need to process what happened. It is so much information, so many people we met.

It was not a regular experience we had and now it will be hard to get back into a routine, we probably won’t and come up with new ways on what to do next.

We will try new things and keep on working, this gave us so many ideas for songs, connect with musicians. We had real conversations, not fake, not Instagram influencing but connecting with real stories.

beyerdynamic: Tell us about the best thing you did during the trip? What was your personal highlight?

Andi: There was a funny story that we didn’t tell you yet. For me it was the best experience and it had nothing to do with music. We were going by train 3 hours after the tour around the Taj Mahal. Our tour support in India was celebrating that he was getting us the best first-class tickets on the way back to Delhi. 47 degrees that day so really hot. We started drinking beer and we were tired. I wanted to sleep and have a nap. We were going in this special coach in first class with little beds. 

beyerdynamic World Tour India

We open the curtain and there was an Indian family sharing the room with us, they were really nice. Every 15 min somebody would come in and ask: Chai Coffee, Chai Coffee. It was a train with Air Conditioning that turned off every 5 minutes. We were told that we would get blankets for the beds. So I went to the back of the train and asked for the blankets. 3 guys sat there, and I was asking for blankets and suddenly they just stared laughing out loud. I just laughed with them and went back to the coach because nothing happened. Then the boss of the train passed by. and we asked about the blankets. Then one of the guys brought us the blankets and just looked like he had just been told off by his mum.

And the family they shared it with just stared at them the whole time during the journey. That day at the Taj Mahal was just insane, 47 degrees, and we were perched.

beyerdynamic: What does it mean to you that Paula accompanied you?

Andi: The best companion, having the best photos taken on the trip. It was something that was meant to be. If you think about how we ended up doing this tour, beyerdynamic contacted me after seeing a photo of me at the Abbey Road studios. Paula made that picture. I was busking in London, and I was so lucky that Paula was there taking pictures and I posted it. That photo changed our lives. Because that’s how we got to be invited to Germany in 2018 and then planning this whole tour.

Without Paula, I wouldn’t have made this tour. We are so well-connected, and we work together. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to do this tour. We complement each other. The whole story is crazy, but we worked a lot to make this happen and to make this dream come true.

beyerdynamic: How did the musicians react to the project? 

Paula: The musicians were surprised what we were doing. They thought it was a brilliant idea to do this with beyerdynamic. A lot of musicians were surprised that a company would sponsor a songwriter and photographer. It gave them a good image of beyerdynamic. It was a good branding image for us to show everyone that we care and support Creators. That resonated well with them.

A lot had the idea to travel around the world to meet other musicians and record songs. They loved the FOX, and they were surprised how good it was. As an artist or band, you can record a whole album with the FOX. The future of recording is in mobile recording studios. There is a lot of opportunities to make your own music with the equipment one can afford as a Creator.

beyerdynamic: Why is the Fox the perfect match for travelling artists?

Andi: Quality of the audio, its amazing. Easy to set up. So quick to set it up in 30 seconds, and we can record in high quality. It’s easy to take with you. Easy to carry.

Feedback on the quality was always the first thing artists mentioned about FOX.

People invest in travelling, and they won’t hesitate to spend that money and you can so easily connect with each other. With this mic you have a good deal for that price. Home studio equipment and while travelling the FOX is a perfect carry on, less than 0.5 kg and you can record anytime, anywhere. It’s perfect for the next generations.

beyerdynamic: Please give us an example for the perfect moment to use the Fox and tell us about your experience.

Paula: Andi was working on a song and started to set up. He just started thinking, and I was so glad I had the FOX handy to record that. He always had new ideas and was singing, and we had it just there.

In Singapore, we couldn’t find a place to record because everywhere you were fined, and you needed a prior permission, so we had one chance to record it at the museum. It was the most beautiful song we recorded with him before being chased out by the police. Without FOX that would have not been possible.


beyerdynamic: Is there any memory you will write down in a future song? If yes, please share it with us.

Andi: Yes, but I need to process all the information. In Japan, India and South Korea I had so many ideas going through my head. Mexico was so intense because of the culture and it stuck in my head. San Francisco, as well as Madrid also sparked an idea. But I need time to work on it. I will definitely write songs about this experience around the world.

You want to get to know more about their world tour? Have a look at In 80 Posts around the World.

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